Union of Beijing Business Services

      Union of Beijing Business Services (hereinafter referred to as UBBS) was founded on November 28, 2013。It isestablished as a hub-oriented association under the direction of Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureauto further promote the development of business services in Beijing。UBBS is a 4A class community organization approved by Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau, which obtains the state administration of trademark administration issued by the "business union, UBBS" Chinese and English trademark registration certificate units.

      Since its establishment, UBBS has been adhering to the tenet of "Superiority, Specialty, honesty, self-discipline, collaboration and Win-Win Situation", adhering to the philosophy of "serving members, industry standards, resource sharing and collaborative development", and committed to the mission of "standardized growth in the business service field". On the one hand, business service organizations and professional associations are widely absorbed as members to provide platform services and overall brand publicity. On the other hand, the industry associations and the chamber of commerce in Beijing will be integrated to provide professional support for their collaborative development and achieve a win-win situation. Currently, it has 232 members (64 associations and Chambers of commerce, 168service organizations). At the same time, UBBS has a professional team to provide professional research reports for the government and the industry, and provide integrated, professional and one-stop business services for enterprises such as consulting and training, and integrate business services into buildings so that enterprises can enjoy professional services at home. It has accumulated strong development momentum, highlighting the strong development trend of the business service industry.

      Looking forward to the future, under the guidance of the Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau, UBBS will "never forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind", and focu on international and domestic service resources according to “Taking Beijing as the starting point of development, combiningandconcentratingon international and domestic service resources; Based on multi-source service, realize integrated business service platform; Taking business association as the development platform to expand the international and domestic markets; Establishing a global business think tank to enhance the capital's voice in business services”,make "three efforts":” strive to build an aircraft carrier for Beijing's business service industry, increase the popularity and reputation of the capital's business service industry, and improve the business level and service quality of Beijing's business service industry”. In order to realize the vision of "integrator of global business resources, setter of business service standards, and practitioner of credit rating agencies", we should carry forward the "craftsman spirit", roll up our sleeves and work hard to be the "dream pursuer" and "leader" of high-end business services.






Union of Beijing Business Services

Address:1916 Wanshang Building, 22 Shijingshan Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing

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